Sandra (Sandy) Aguilar, BSN, RN

I am the founder of GLA Consulting LLC. The nursing knowledge I have gained has sparked a curiosity to expand my knowledge to critically analyze, review medical records, analyze lab work, radiologic studies for errors of standard of care. I am motivated to advocate for clients who seek attorneys to help them resolve their cases. I enjoy providing education, researching medical information to link a chronology where deviation of standard of care occurred.



Sandra Aguilar is a registered Nurse with over ten years’ experience in direct hospital nursing care and outpatient setting. Sandra's qualifications are based on nursing experience which lead to analyzing and interpreting medical records to render a solid nursing opinion. As a Legal Nurse Consultant, Sandra provides medical-legal services to both plaintiff and defense attorneys with a concentration on medical malpractice and or personal injury.

As an RN Sandra has held several positions in her career which have included charge nurse, preceptor, educator, and a member of the hospital peer review committee. Sandra's experience spans from Labor & Delivery with postpartum experience; Infusion services which included chemotherapy; Renal services; Home Health; Urgent Care; and most recently Case Management which prevents 30 day

re-admission of Congestive Heart Failure, Acute Myocardial Infarction and Pneumonia patients.

"I am motivated to advocate for clients who seek attorneys to help them resolve their cases."

Sandra received her Associates Degree of Science from Navarro College. Sandra continued to pursue her education and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington. Currently Sandra is enrolled at Grand Canyon University obtaining her master’s in public health with completion date of 2021.

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